Monday, August 16, 2010

Flashback Friday (a little late)

We were celebrating my Aunt Becky's 50th birthday, which was a blast!  We went swimming in the lake and Lillian got brave enough to start jumping into the water.  We swam across the lake like old times and it was just really nice to hang out with my aunts and uncles again while having my sisters and their families and my family there.   The reason I wanted to move back to Wisconsin...for my girls to have a chance to make the kind of memories that I treasure.

Many moons dad me, my Aunt Becky, my sister Jodi, my cousin Amy, and my Uncle Glen watching someone jumping in...not sure who :-)  One of the many summers that the whole family took a week long vacation together.  I think this was Kusel Lake in Wisconsin. 

Nowadays my immediate family (parents and sisters) is big enough to do the annual vacation so it is nice to spend time like we did this weekend with the rest of my Mom's family.  As soon as I find my camera cord, I will upload pictures and video...I hope!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Four girls in our house = craziness.  We have my nieces visiting for a few days and, amazingly, even after spending a week with each other on vacation, the cousins are all getting along and playing happily.  I have never been so grateful for a toy room in my life!  They are sad that Julia can't be joining them but I know that the level of competition and jealousy is down because she is not here (everyone vies for Katy's attention :-) )

Now if I could just find the motivation to accomplish the things I need to do before Friday, I will be a happy camper.