Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Busy doesn't even begin to cover it. I have blog posts on my camera...from the mouse to the Homecoming parade and snow to the girls' weekend with my mom and sisters...all sorts of stuff.

I am overwhelmed by finances (pray for the sale of the house in Georgia!) and classes and advisees and the housework and trying to be a good wife and I'm feeling like I am failing miserably at all of it.

I have been taking a bit more time with the girls at night because I don't want them to suffer for my choices but then I have to work hard after they go to bed to get class stuff done (because there is no time at work) and what time does that leave for my hubby or the house?

Ah well. Just know that I am thinking about the blog and wanting to keep you all updated and I will. Someday.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Oh yeah. It finally happened. And it stinks. Literally. I am sitting at the computer which shares a wall with the garage and I can smell them from here.

We went for what was supposed to be a fun night. That is a different story.

Came back. I let the dogs out. We don't have the controls for the outdoor lights in the garage (I plan on trying to change that soon) so they go out in the dark.

Bark bark. Rustle rustle. Call the dogs back into the garage. The smell was horrible.

Indy got it in the face and her eye will swell but the vet said no big deal just rinse it out. She is foaming at the mouth because it tastes bad. It is 11:15pm and Loran went to get the recommended stuff to wash them.

Did I mention it is cold today? Probably about 30 degrees right now. It snowed this morning. But that is a different story.

I was already crabby and had a headache. This doesn't help. Once again I question my judgment in keeping these creatures. I swear they are worse than the children sometimes.

There are two things that I really hate about this. One is that it is fairly late at night. The other is that it is cold out and I have to wash my dogs. And they are NOT coming back in tonight so they have to spend the night wet and in the cold garage. I suppose it could be worse. It could have been the girls. I can't think of many ways that this situation could be worse than it is.

Now you know what is going on in our world. Hopefully I will have time to post a happier post tomorrow. I hope.

Good night.