Saturday, June 26, 2010

One year here...where has the time gone?

We are now entering our second year in our house in Wisconsin. We are quickly moving into the "we've lived longer in this house that we don't yet own than in the one we DO own" phase of our lives (sort of like when people realize that they have spent more of their lives together than they have apart...)

Anyway, I dug up the pictures from our deck as the seasons have changed over this year in THIS house and some of the pictures over a few seasons at the OTHER house. Quite a difference, don't you think? The funny thing about the first pictures is that I never set out to take a picture of each was just so nice to HAVE seasons again that we found ourselves taking pictures of the beauty of change.

June 2009...first days here...

Bad storms rolling through in July 2009

October 2009
Christmas Day 2009
March 2010
June 2010
June 26th, 2010...a year later...corn this year, soybeans last year :-)

April 2008...our first house, in Georgia

May 2008, in the pool already!

Still in the pool in June
and July of courseToo hot for outside in August but September we ate outside a lot...and the pool suffered :-(
Middle of October...beautiful weather...notice the lack of jackets on my children...

Beginning of December...very green...definitely not white...

This picture was taken at the beginning of January! Not in Wisconsin :-)

So the one time it snowed in Georgia while I lived there, I wasn't even present for it! But I didn't get photo evidence for future proof :-) That was at the end of Feb/beginning of March.

Beginning of April...i don't even remember what he needed to do that got him so messy :-)

The girls were playing inside but you can see how beautiful it was outside in May of 2009...

Beginning of June 2009, right before we moved...probably the last time Loran mowed the yard...we mow every week here...there we probably mowed once every two or three weeks :-)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Slow going with a lot to do

I always have tremendous plans for the summer. I will eat better, move more. I will read a book, do a puzzle, read to the girls more, go to the library (which we did pretty well in Columbus), walk the dogs, plant a garden, organize the house in preparation for busier time.

I am so behind in so many areas and it just makes me want to do less. I should be getting more done because Julia is here to play with the girls but I am so overwhelmed by the myriad of small tasks to do that I just don't do any of them.

I don't let myself get discouraged like I used to with all of the amazing things that all of my amazing friends are able to accomplish. I try to remind myself that we are all human and I am sure I do good things too :-) But I still think about people I know who would do any of the things on my list better...and then I drag my feet.

I need a routine, even for the summer but routines have never been easy for me to stick with. So far this week I have walked two mornings in a row, so that is good. I have managed to keep my flowers alive by watering them every day when it isn't raining. Also good. I have to remember that today is only the 8th of June and some kids are just getting out of school! I have lots of summer left and if I complete one task at a time, I will complete them all. Now for the tough choice...which one to start with?