Thursday, May 28, 2009

And the answer is...

Lillian's foot and Julia's jeans :-)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

And just like that...

As we were sitting on the front porch yesterday in the early evening, enjoying the breeze and watching the girls dance and the dogs frolick, a young couple pulled up and asked if the house was still for sale.

Yup. So they looked around outside with Loran while I feverishly gathered up toys and books and threw the covers over the bed quick and pushed the toys into a corner of the girls room. They looked around and I was there to answer some questions. They were obviously in love with the house. They even want to keep the jungle room the way it is!

About an hour later they brought a friend back. This morning they called and said they wanted to come over and discuss some terms. They have an appointment with a VA mortgage guy in an hour. And then they will call back and we will put together the sales contract with our transaction broker from Assurance Reality.

We may be seeing Wisconsin a WHOLE lot earlier than we thought we would!

And the answer is...

A fancy bottle of Jack Daniels above the kitchen sink.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

I am so blessed

I am so blessed to know the people I know. I love to read what they write and get a glimpse into their lives.

I love to read about the tears that almost flow because of a small moment seen in someone's life.
I love to see pictures of love between siblings and parents and kids.
I love to read about birthdays and reunions.
I love to read about new life beginning.
I love to read about lives changing, even though that is SO hard.

I don't want to think about the changes coming. I told a friend recently that I was glad they were leaving here too because otherwise I would be jealous that she would get to keep some of what I am leaving behind.

But even if I would stay, what I have now won't be here much longer. Has there ever been so many friends leaving all at once? How different life will be by the end of August, not just for me, moving to Wisconsin, but for And all of the families left behind?

Is it easier to be the ones leaving or the ones left behind, those who are still in the schools they are used to, the houses they have made into homes, still at the church that has become...the center of so much?

I don't want to leave. I am scared and sad. But I am excited and glad.

And still, through everything...always, I am so blessed.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Her first board game

On Mother's Day, I wanted to play a board game with Loran (I always appreciate it when he is willing to indulge my love of board/card games). Ankica watched us play for a while (Backgammon) and decided she wanted to play.

We got out Candyland. I bought a few games quite a long time ago to play with Julia and when Ankica and Lillian get old enough. Ankica did a great job and really loved playing! Yeah, I am converting more children to my love of games! Watch out Loran! :-)

Hair Do's, Hair Did's, Hair Don'ts

I was putting my hair up like I do most days (I really need a hair cut), when Lillian decided that she wanted hers up too. Then Ankica wanted hers up too.

They looked at each other with wonder because I don't usually try to do anything with their hair for this very reason...

They take out the clips and bows as soon as they possibly can :-)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

And the answer is...

A cloud in a picture on my calendar!

(Jodi, you rock! I can't sneak anything past you!)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cake or ice decide :-)

I think they turned out pretty good...and they tasted good too!

Happy 3rd Birthday Ankica!

From the moment I found out I was going to be a mom, I was in love with you! Even though bringing you into the world wasn't what we expected it to be, you arrived in time to give me my first Mother's Day :-)

I wasn't sure I wanted you to have a pacifier but you soon became inseparable from it and looked so cute and calm with it.

I don't think I put you down for the first 6 months...I loved holding you more than almost anything else.

You stole your Daddy's heart from the beginning...especially when you looked longingly at his Les Paul :-)

First Christmas...

First Birthday...First day as a big sister...

Second Birthday...

You are a GREAT big sister...quickly sharing secrets...

Dressed up all pretty for your 3rd birthday, with Lillian at your side.

You sure did LOVE being sung to :-)

"What is it?" Wednesday

Saturday, May 9, 2009

I want one...

As far as I can tell, I want a Kindle DX.

As I am looking at technology to help me with my upcoming job, I have decided that I want a Blackberry (or something like it...maybe an iPhone) and now I want a Kindle DX. Alot of what I will need to be doing includes alot of reading and a lot of it is PDF.

So, rather than print out alot of papers that I will likely not even use for references (especially because I won't be doing research, at least not for a while), I will just download them to my Kindle DX and read away.

It keeps about 3,500 books, periodicals, and documents. TONS of books already available for download (for a small fee, of course). Although, I still like the idea have shelves full of books, it would be nice to carry lots of versions of the Bible and commentaries. I hope that by the time I can buy one, the internet will be available on it :-)

At least, I could see that happening if I ever found $489 just lying around, somewhere, someday...

Maybe I should monetize my blog :-) Or just write more for AC and save up THAT money...

The future is a cool place...I wish I was a techno-path (has anyone seen Sky High? Only I would be a GOOD techno-path...).

Ah, the possibilities!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Thursday, May 7, 2009

And the answer is...

Jawan is right! A newly purchased vinyl tablecloth to try and keep the table top looking better. Does anyone know how to get the wrinkles out of a vinyl tablecloth?

Saturday, May 2, 2009

It's in the little things

It is a very different thing to be part-time raising an older child than it is to raise your own babies full-time.

We have issues sometimes with our 9 year old doing things that a 4 year old should know NOT to do, or she will NOT do things that we feel she should just instinctively know how to do.

Two things happened at breakfast on Friday morning that made me see how repetition and environment are so important. It makes me feel sorry for the lack of attention to our eldest :-(

First, Ankica stopped me while we started to eat breakfast. I thought she said she wanted to play so I told her she needed to eat first. She said "No Mama" and she repeated her word and held her hands in a classic prayer manner. I just about cried and thanked her for reminding me that we always pray before we eat. And during her usual prayer, Ankica AND Lillian tried hard to say some of the words. I was so proud of them :-)

We have been trying to get Lillian to eat with her utensils, which has been easier said than done. Ankica had one experience in a restaurant where we forced her to eat with her fork after being frustrated with mac and cheese being finger food. Pretty much since then she has been eating with utensils. Ankica is like that, when she is ready, once is often all it takes (and right now I am sure she isn't ready for potty training, but that is another story...).

I told Ankica to chew with her mouth closed this morning and Lillian to use her spoon. Suddenly, both of the girls were chewing with their mouths closed and using their spoons for their cereal! Lillian simply refused my help. I don't know if these manners will continue, but we made some real strides this morning and I am grateful for the opportunity to see them make these breakthroughs.

If anyone has any suggestions on how to get a 9 year old to chew with her mouth closed (we have tried many things and are just about to glue her mouth shut and blend all of her's that gross), I would be happy to hear them :-)

Friday, May 1, 2009


I always thought I would want an indoor/outdoor one until it came crying to our door too early this morning. Apparently he has figured out how to slip out of some of the screens in the windows. Thankfully, he always comes back. And for that, I love him even more.