Saturday, February 27, 2010

Power Tooth Brushes

I've never used one, but suddenly I have become an expert :-)

Over the course of time, the more I have written for Associated Content, the more Assignments are put on my board to claim. In the recent past, Oral-B has liked my work and I have written a number of pieces for AC and for private Oral-B use concerning power toothbrushes. With each article I write I learn something more. I just accepted two more articles. They only have to be about 300 words and I get a two digit payment for them. I like my side job :-)

Anyone have strong feelings one way or the other about manual versus power for their teeth?

Something new...

A few days ago, I saw something different than usual. I am used to seeing the Amish buggies by now, even though the girls still get excited about seeing the horses. When I was driving past the Amish farm on the way home, I saw the farmer spreading manure. Not usual this time of year, and he was using a piece of machinery that we often see. The difference?

It was being pulled by four mules instead of a tractor :-)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Keep reminding me...

I read a few blogs...not many because I don't have a lot of time...but the ones that I do read, well, most of you read mine too :-) And thank you!

Thank you for letting me read about being a mommy of two with a third on the way...and the blessing of staying home with them. It helps me live vicariously in a situation I sometimes wish I was in.

Thank you for letting me read about the adventure of becoming a new mom (HINT: blog more about it!) because I like to remember what that felt like.

Thank you for putting your thoughts in your blog because even though we talk every day, sometimes I get new insight into who you really are and who I am growing old with.

Thank you for letting me read your words that you know I love...I can't wait until your kids are a little older and you start writing more...because I think you are amazing with words. I've told you so before :-)

Thank you for reminding me how to enjoy the quiet time, for reading all of the good "gospel blogs" and linking to the best stuff so that I can share it with you but not take away from my treasured time with my family too much.

Thank you for sharing your amazing photography...the new pictures to music posts are so cool! I like seeing the world through the eyes of your camera.

Thank you for sharing the struggles and joys of homeschooling. I like to live vicariously because I wonder if I would have done it, even it I hadn't gone back to university life.

To those who don't read my blog but I read theirs...thank you for being a mommy who loves so intensely and misses those lost so much. Thank you for sharing your family because so many of them have been like family to me my whole life.

Thank you for sharing your struggles with us all on the web and even on T.V. I hurt for you that you are going through so much but you are so loved, by your family and the rest of us.

Thank you make my life richer and fuller...and I should start returning the favor, in case you get anything out of what my life looks like :-)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Five Years!

Happy Anniversary to my honey! I can't believe it has been five years already!

I love you and I am so glad you finally decided to email me back :-)

Monday, February 15, 2010

If this comes to my school...I'm leaving

Things get weird enough around here sometimes but if THIS ever comes to UWP, I'm just flat leaving.

Nuff said.

Friday, February 12, 2010

A great big CONGRATS!!

Just wanted to say "CONGRATULATIONS" again to my wonderful and awesome friends who got GREAT news!

I won't say who and I won't say what but you know who you are and what it is!!

As Loran would say, "You guys ROCK!" and you so deserve this :-)

Love ya!

Ankica's autograph

I will post more about this later but I wanted to show my loyal fans that Ankica can write her name. It's fairly legible, too, if you know what you are looking for :-)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Dairy Products

I feel like all I think about these days is Dairy Products. Not for eating so much as for making or talking about or "dissecting". I have to teach Dairy Products Analysis and Processing and I have never even HAD a dairy products course before, let alone taught one.

So I am assigning cheeses to my students and figuring out what cheese factories to tour (there are three in a 10 mile radius alone here...don't even get me started on the 30 mile radius). This afternoon we are going in to the lab so I can do the next lab before I have to teach it to the students. We will be attempting to get the pasteurizer set up and separate cream from milk. I don't have raw milk right now so I will have to use whole from the store...similar but not the same.

And we talk about milk chemistry and I have to try to remember what things I taught to my Biology of Lactation class and which things I talk to Dairy Products and half of the class is in both of my classes and the classes run from 12-1 and then 2-3 MW so they get plenty sick of hearing me talk.

So, what's your favorite cheese? I love BRICK myself. Can't stand brie or feta or blue...ICK!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I received a grant!

Woo hoo!

It isn't much but it was competitive across the UW System and it will give me a little extra pay for the summer for making some much needed changes to my Introduction to Dairy Science course. I am looking forward to incorporating the proposed changes but now it means I really have to do them :-) I can't just think about it for another semester...

Ah well, the students will be better for it and it may lead to bigger and better things.