Saturday, April 24, 2010

Unusual hair up day

I was brushing Ankica's hair before school a week or so ago and she decided she wanted it up in a ponytail. On the way out the door Lillian saw it and wanted one too. Initially she was upset that it didn't look like Ankica's but Squibby is such a good big sister that she had Lillian convinced in no time that Lilly's up-do was better than a ponytail.

The hair lasted almost the whole day!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Like I need another thing to occupy me :-)

But it will be fun...Facebook, finally.

Once the newness has worn off it won't be so fascinating to browse through pictures of friends of friends to see people I knew from high school and college (the many I have been to).

Just like my Wii. Oh, but wait. I can check my Facebook ON my Wii. And my Blackberry smartphone.

Oh my...maybe I should Twitter about it? :-) Nah.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Judge's Decision

She was not in contempt...technically speaking. It's hard when you are so personally involved in the case and know that she practically lies for a living, to hear that the judge believes her. Technically.

We won't get justice this time. We won't get our money back.

But hopefully we won't have to pay any more to get another modification. This time it will give halfway between HERE and THERE. No one wants to drive that far so we will probably end up getting a more fair deal for the future.

I just have to learn to let go of the past.

You know what though? Julia called me last Friday. After a week away from being able to talk my ear off at work, she missed talking to me and she called me just to chat. Not Loran. ME. How cool is that?

THAT is what we hold on to when the judge can't do what we want him to. When the lies get to be so regular that we want to scream. How can she get away with it?! Well, she's not. Fewer and fewer people believe her lies. Including her daughter. She's learning. Sometimes the hard way.

I'll let you know more when there is more. But for least that part is over.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Is the end near?

Did you know that there is verbage in the Health Care garbage that passed recently that mentions requiring a microchip? Mark of the Beast?

There was a fireball that flew over the Midwest on Wednesday. Odd.

There are earthquakes in China. Not unusual until you start putting pieces together.

There was an earthquake in the Utah/Idaho/Wyoming area. Not unusual, per se, but a big one for the area.

The is a volcano erupting in Iceland that has planes down throughout Europe and the ash could cause problems for MONTHS.

Obama disappeared for a time during the week, stating that he was going to a soccer game that didn't exist. For those who believe he is the anti-christ, maybe he headed to the underworld to meet with his minions. Maybe his time is approaching.

Is the end nearing? It isn't even 2012 yet (:-) ) but there is talk...more talk than usual.

I know where I am going when the end finally arrives, if it is in my lifetime. I am not afraid, only a little sad sometimes to think that there are things I won't get to see...maybe my girls grow up, or get married, or have kids of their own. But that little sadness is heavily outweighed by the sheer JOY that comes with knowing that HEAVEN awaits me...and my husband and girls and my family.

Do you think this is all just coincidence or is there something bigger at work here? Are you excited? Are you scared?

"He's got the WHOLE world in His hands, He's got the WHOLE world in His hands...."

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Well that was cool...I saw a meteor!

And here I thought it was just lightning!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Home, home, home, home, home

There are things that still bring me to tears with the realization that I am HOME. Sometimes just driving up to my folks' house. This Easter weekend it was "The Promise". I haven't seen it in probably 5 years but I got to take Loran and Julia to see it this year. I cried because it is a moving and dramatic musical about the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. But also because I was home.

It was fantastic to make a single dessert and still get to share in the BOUNTY that is the food at the holidays with my family. It was so awesome for my girls to run around with their first, second, and first cousin-once removed cousins. There was an Easter egg hunt on Saturday morning at my parents' house that included ALL of the grandkids for the first time ever (including the step-grandkids). Julia flipped over being able to hang with Katy and Sophie AND Shayla and Felicia. The time we spend together is so LOUD and crazy and so MISSED by me. I am happy to share these experiences and my family with Loran and the girls. It is what he signed on for when he decided to keep me around and when he decided that we could move to Wisconsin. And I know he loves it too. As does Julia and Ankica. Not so sure about Lillian yet :-)

Pictures sometime when I can catch my breath.