Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Faculty College: Signature Pedagogies

What I learned at Faculty College:

There are a lot of interesting people teaching in Wisconsin.  And by interesting I don't necessarily mean it as a good thing.  Man!   Universities are liberal places.

I learned that I don't have a clue what the humanities people are talking about.

I learned that I don't have a clue what the social scientists are talking about.

I learned that there are educational psychologists.  They are interesting to talk to.

I learned that there is a lady in Wisconsin studying horse breeds in Cuba.  She is a woman studies professor.

I learned that historians are goofy.  Well, some of them :-)  In a good way, too.

I learned that getting my cheesemaker's license fascinated people.

I learned that UW-Richland Center was once Wisconsin State University Platteville...not sure of that history but I am totally curious (EEEK...I have been married to a history buff for too long :-) )

I learned that even a group of faculty will act like a group of students: there are those that say nothing, those that raise their hands, and those that talk and never stop.

Overall it was fun and I think that we already are teaching in our signature pedagogy quite well.  I might even find room for a publication in the area of SoTL someday (if I can figure out what it means!).

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