Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Multi-Tasking x10

I am grateful that the girls are old enough to play upstairs by themselves so I can get some work done.

- Calling the folks at Valley Ag to find out about Dairy Comp for my next PACCE project and addition to the Dairy Cattle Management class I now have to teach

- Finding local cheesemakers to visit for a grant I wrote and to network for the dairy products plant here in the future

- Finding local farms to visit for both the Dairy Cattle Management and Small Ruminant/Equine Management courses I am teaching

- Coming up with SWEET assignments for those two classes

- Figuring out what paperwork the IRS really needs

 - Trying to figure out who will watch my kids while I am in New Orleans in July (any takers?)

- Waiting (impatiently) to hear back about a project proposal I submitted so that project can get underway ASAP

- Wondering what to have for supper

- Listening to the washing machine rock uncontrollably (I should go fix that...)

- Determining what day is the best to go to Fromagination in Madison to work on my network :-)  (and try the cheeses!)

- Discovering that I put too much on my plate for the summer...August is coming too fast already!

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